Dry Ridge and Dry Verge



Strong and durable 

Mechanically fixed 

Emulates appearance of traditional verge

Suitable for use with verges without bargeboard

If repairing a verge we consider the use of the Universal batten extension to allow trouble free conversion to dry fix 

Weathertight and maintenance free

Keep Birds Out

Looks Great


All products are used from companies that supply the best equipment.

The Dry Verge System provides a neat, mechanically fixed, mortar-free verge that eliminates the need for extensive maintenance.


This system provides a continuous air tight path so that the outside weather is unable to get it.

It is professionally fitted and meets all the needs of the building regulations.

Dry Ridge protects your home from being damaged inside from bad weather and keeps birds out your roof.


Dry Ridge systems are mechanically fixed to the roof, this makes them more secure than the mortar ridge systems.

Dry ridge systems are extremely durable


Allow for the natural movement of buildings, unlike the mortar system which can crack and crumble allowing the ridge tiles to loosen and let the rain penetrate the roof space.



Dry fixing systems for the roof lines provide a simple yet effective way of securely fixing ridge tiles and verge tiles without the need for wet mortar. From leading suppliers such as Manthorpe, Klober and Marley you can be sure the product you buy will have been wind tested to a high standard.



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