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Fascia Repair

Your fascias are constantly under attack from the British weather.

Addressing this problem is vital as they play a key part in keeping your home complete and waterproof.

Our fully featured repair service will have any roof line fascia looking like new again in no time.


(Old wooden fascias and soffits showing wear and tear.)


(upgraded with new upvc fascias, soffits, gutters & dry verge)




  • Choice of colours
  • High quality products
  • Ventilation included
  • Guaranteed for 20 years

Advantages of UPVC

We are able to repair/replace the old fascia boards, however, the new upvc products are extremely popular and have longer lasting benefits.


The Advantages of using UPVC products are:


Durability - they last much longer than the old fascia boards since they don't require the same upkeep of rotting boards where the rain has penetrated them plus the upvc products don't need painting and so they are low maintenance.



Aesthetically pleasing

Variety of colours, sizes and designs


Our Services:

Install fascias

Replace old for new

Colour change/match

We can fit any fascias that you like out of our range at the colour your prefer.

Our experienced working team can install a variety of UPVC fascias to homes or small commercial buildings.

It is professionally installed with a range of colours.


Fascias, soffits & dry verge



We install or upgrade Fascias Boards.

We replace old for new moden UPVC Plastics that are long lasting.



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